September 3, 2011

OpenGL ES on Android

I'm exceptionally disappointed right now with how bad the emulator is for android. It is painful to just get the basic emulator to render a few simple shapes since it wants to run at 1-2 fps. Then to top that all off, the emulator doesn't even support OpenGL ES 2.0. I have to say its really just like a big middle finger to developers as without a device you will have to test on a system that is painfully slow.

The Win7 Phone emulator was vastly superior in so many aspects. Unfortunately, that isn't my target device and now I'm starting to think I'll need an android device to even consider developing the game on Android. I guess I might have to pump out $200 and get myself an IdeaPad A1 when it comes out... The only issue I have here is that I just wanted to test out the waters and see if I really want to do Android. After spending a number of hours and digging around... I'm not even sure about it.