December 13, 2011

Devin's Sequence

I have found my own unique integer sequence, I'll just call it Devin's Sequence, and as far as I know this is an original. I'm having a hard time finding an exact formula for it, but I do know how to generate it empirically, because I'm using it in one of my programs. I just wish I could figure out a formula to find any value in this pattern, but alas my math has failed me! Here is the first 20 values:

1, 9, 21, 37, 57, 89, 121, 161, 213, 261, 325, 385, 457, 545, 621, 717, 805, 917, 1033, 1137, ...

December 5, 2011

It certainly has been a while since I've posted here!

I've just made my submission to the java4k contest and had a blast making the game! It is a derivative of my ballmove, but it has been enhanced to be a full game. I'm just hoping that I didn't screw up with the submission (crosses fingers). Yes, the 4k version of the game has more features than the regular... it's interesting how much more I can pack in when working under pressure of size limits.

My android game went on hold for about two weeks because of Skyrim. Which is a fun game, but after a while  I just lost interest when I was running around one-hitting everything. The game has undergone some real device testing, you'd be surprised how annoying it is not having a device for the target I'm developing for. First thing that I'll be buying with any money I earn from the game is an android device so I can actually test more frequently on a device.

I'm starting on my second android game, as I wrap up the first one. Mostly just cleaning up code, and fixing the odd defect that appears. The next game will end up being far more robust, mostly because this first one was mainly about learning and understanding game development on android. Yes, there is a lack of details here as I'm not ready to talk about anything yet.

Anyways, I should be writing a review right now. However, my frequency on this blog should increase again in the near future.