Combatics Evolution

No longer being developed.

Current Version: 0.1.6

Desktop Version
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Android Version
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Server EXE
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Server JAR
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Combatics Evolution is a real-time tactical role-playing game, but what does that mean?

  • Events and actions are real-time.
  • Characters move and perform actions on a grid-based map.
  • Characters have health, resources, and abilities.
  • Characters can be assigned various jobs (roles) to determine their actions in combat.
  • Characters can be equipped with various items to gain attributes to improve power.
  • Characters can be equipped with various weapons required for certain jobs and abilities.
  • Characters gain experience and ability points from combat to gain levels and learn new abilities.
  • Characters can refine how their character scales as it levels to better suit its role.
  • A player has a party which can consist of up to 7 characters.
Screenshot of unit placement during a battle (pre-0.1.5).
The combat is viewed in an isometric fashion, but is rendered in full 3D. The game is built cross-platform from the ground up. Supporting all major desktop platforms as well as Android (potentially iOS too).

The game will be designed around various modes of play:
  • Story-driven single player.
  • Post-story single player, for extensive extra content.
  • Single player combat challenges/extra bosses.
  • Mini-games for certain events or challenges.
  • Random battles with custom maps, with full-integrated map editor
  • Online battles with predefined/custom maps, most-likely self hosted
  • Eventually online-based saving/loading of the game across-devices.
The big question: Why?

I really just wanted to make a game that I would want to play. A game which has interactive, fun and demanding gameplay, but also requires extensive strategy and planning. I wanted something which had a significant amount of customization, but each choice be important and influential. In the end I do plan on turning this into something I can sell, but I am more interested in making something to play and hopefully other people will enjoy it as well.

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