November 17, 2012

The Current State

I have been very busy over the last few weeks and because of it I haven't had time for Combatics Evolution. I've decided to take a break from working on the game as I just don't have the time to commit to it right now. I played around with a prototype of a survival platformer game, it was a nice break from the regular work. I also was working on building an AI for a Tetris competition. That has been taking up a good portion of my time, its for Pason and I enjoyed working on it.

For the Tetris competition I got to play around with a few libraries I haven't had a chance to work with before so it was a good experience. Hopefully it will go smoothly, but I have a bad feeling the networking latency will play a bigger role than the ability of my AI. Lets put it this way, my AI can do 600k to 2M lines of Tetris in a couple minutes, but throw networking and a server on AWS, I do maybe 160 lines in a LONG game that usually takes a few seconds.

I also have been working on PaintParty, I hooked up the networking, basic interface and setup the serialization for the project to basically kick start it. I was surprised it only took me a few hours... but I guess that it was what happens when I'm reusing a lot of code from Combatics Evolution. Anyways, competition day, hopefully things go well :).

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