February 12, 2012

Shape Smasher Lite

It has been a busy week. I competed in a programming contest and placed 5th overall, which I'm rather sad because I could have made it to 2nd. I always hate it when you lose by a small margin because it always has that sour taste. However, I did win 3rd place for code quality, so I'm rather happy about getting something for my efforts.

Shape Smasher hasn't really seen the light of day anywhere, so I decided it was time to make a free version so people can at least see the idea before putting out money. I totally understand the whole issue of not trusting the unknown and I certainly am not known. I'll wait to see how things go, but I'm continuing to work on my next game. It is a significantly bigger game and will have a huge number of possible places I can go with it. Details will come in the near future.

Shape Smasher Lite can be found here:

February 5, 2012

Shape Smasher Release

After finalizing a number of key parts and getting everything set for publishing, I'm proud to announce my first game. Shape Smasher!


I'm hoping it gets a little bit of interest, and depending on popularity I have a couple of exciting idea's for the game. However, in the mean time I think a small break and time to work on my next projects.

Anyone does play the game, I hope you enjoy it!

February 4, 2012

Android Marketplace

Well, January has come and gone. I've been busy with getting my first application ready to publish and also working on my next title. I also competed in a local programming competition and placed 5th in the end after narrowly losing to the guy who ended up in 2nd. The curses of single elimination rules :(!

On the plus side, I'm finalizing and preparing to deploy Shape Smasher to the Android Marketplace. Hopefully, that turns out to be a pretty nice deal. While Shape Smasher isn't the best game possible, I put lots of work into it and spent tons of time learning how to program for mobile devices. Even if the game doesn't really become successful, what I have learned will be a huge benefit for me down the road. Most importantly, it will help with my next game... which I'm not ready to release any information on, but it is really awesome.